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We Need Your Help

Fundraiser for Indy's Hip Replacement

Dear Beloved Community,


In the tender embrace of vulnerability, I share with you the journey of our dear companion, Indy, a soulful German Shepherd who found his way into our hearts over a year ago. His presence has been a source of joy, yet our shared path has taken an unexpected turn.


Indy, not yet two years old, grapples with the weight of severe hip dysplasia in his right hip; a condition that has silently shadowed him since birth, revealing itself in pain and severe functional limitation of his right leg. In this moment of raw truth, we find ourselves standing at the crossroads of his healing journey.


Regrettably, pet insurance will not cover his surgery, leaving us to navigate the labyrinth of costs for a procedure that holds the promise of complete relief – a full hip replacement surgery. The surgery will cost $13,000.


As the pages of the calendar turn towards his surgery on July 15, 2024, we seek the warmth of your hearts and the generosity that flows from the wellspring of compassion. Indy, with his spirit undaunted by his condition, awaits the promise of this transformative surgery that will free him from the shackles of pain.


Your support, be it a gentle whisper or a bold proclamation, will echo through the corridors of healing. Every contribution, irrespective of size, becomes a stitch in the fabric of Indy's recovery. Together, let us create a tapestry of love and care that will cradle him through the surgery and into a future where his spirit can run free once more.


In deepest gratitude, Indy

(and his loving parents: Jen and Matt)


Your Donation Is Deeply Appreciated!

Please use the link below for your donation. All donations will go directly towards his surgery. Donations can be received via Paypay or Venmo via the links below. Thank you in advance for your love and generosity!

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